Churches, monasteries and chapels in the town of Rüthen

This tour leads to the existing churches and former monasteries of the city, but also to the places where churches and chapels once stood, which have since been demolished or whose relics can still be seen. Their history of origin, function, architecture as well as the manifold interior decorations represent substantial art and contemporary history testimonies as well as religious faith documentations, whose expert explanation can help the viewing participants in this area to new perspectives of perception and knowledge.

Group tours

Duration of the guided tours:
1.5 - 2 hours, depending on the scope (can also be reduced).
individually agreed with each group of visitors, group size possible up to approx. 25 persons.

Registration and information material:
City of Rüthen
Tourist office
Hochstr. 14
59602 Rüthen
Tel. 02952 - 818-172 or -173
fax 02952 - 818170

Cost of participation:
Kindergarten groups/school classes per group 20,00 Euro
other groups 30,00 Euro
(payable to the city guide).