Themed tour "Witch hunt in Rüthen

- Sites and traces of the witch trials in the town of Rüthen
During this tour, participants will be guided to the various sites of a witch trial in the town of Rüthen and, based on the locations and buildings, the causes, processes and backgrounds of these special court proceedings will be explained to them, to which more than 150 people fell victim in the Rüthen area between 1573 and 1660. The purpose of the tour is also to critically problematize the timeless discrimination of people and the exercise of inhumane violence in the past and present.

Registration and information material:
City of Rüthen
Tourism office
Hochstr. 14
59602 Rüthen
Tel. 02952 - 818-172 or -173
fax 02952 - 818170

Participation fees:
Kindergarten groups/school classes per group 20,00 Euro
other groups 30,00 Euro
(payable to the city guide).