Historic city hall

The Old Town Hall, located on Hachtorstrasse in the center of our Altstadt, was built in the Baroque style between 1726 and 1730 by the master builder Michael Spanner, who came from Erwitte. The centuries-old constitutional history of Rüthen is reflected in the room structures of the upper floor, dominated by the stylish council hall, which is accessed from the outside by a mighty, two-flight circular staircase made of Rüthen sandstone - probably unique in its type of construction in Westfalen - to the expressively decorated main portal and central risalite.

(Explanation for you: the risalit (iat. risalto, "projection"), also avant-corps or avant-corps, is a part of a building that usually protrudes from the alignment of a building over its entire height. As a means of dividing the façade, it is a typical design element of Baroque and Renaissance architecture, but also appears in other eras.If the risalit is in the center of the façade, it is called a central risalit ) leads up. (Text source: Wikipedia)

The main portal and sculptures are artistic works of Rüthen sculptors of the Baroque period. The preserved rooms inside (especially the large civic hall) are used today for cultural purposes and the registry office (marriage ceremonies).

A visit is always worthwhile!