House Buuck

An imposing half-timbered house, probably the oldest residential house in Rüthen, is located in the city near the Hachtor. It is a typical merchant's house of the Hanseatic period with a three-story attic from 1609. The crossbeams on the gable are decorated with so-called "envious heads". In the past, it was believed that these depictions deterred foreign envy.

A house that tells a piece of history. It can tell you about the bright Hanseatic times, about a town fire, about the daily life of a coal merchant in the 19th century and about the dark years when it had to brave the weather and yet slowly decayed before it was saved from demolition by a restoration a few years ago. And so, since the beginning of 2013, the old imposance of Buuck House has come back to life and now tells the new stories of its visitors.
Whether you are a hiker, explorer, conference guest or history lover - enjoy the unique experience of spending the night in a 400 year old monument and discover the beautiful natural Sauerland from here.

Of course you can also, if you wish, immerse yourself in history and spend the night in a monument in this elaborately restored merchant's house. A hiking apartment, as well as our 3 cozy 3-bed rooms, are just waiting for your arrival.

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