The Hachtor

It is the 14th century AD. There are uncertain times on the outer borders of the Electorate of Cologne. The city of Rüthen has to be fortified...

When you enter the city center of Rüthen from the north, you will pass the Rüthen Hachtor, which is one of the city's landmarks and gives its name to the Hachtorstraße leading into the city.

The Hachtor, made of green sandstone from Rüthen, was built around 1300. According to tradition, the name Hachtor is derived from the term Hagentor or Hafttor. The latter seems plausible if you consider that in the Middle Ages foreign criminals were actually imprisoned on the upper floors of the Hachtor.

In the outer arch on the north side of the Hachtor you can still see the place where the portcullis used to be. In addition, on the north side you will find the two walls, which were once directly connected to another tower in the north. The main gate and this now defunct vestibule were once connected by a drawbridge across the moat, which is still visible to the east and west.

On the west side, you can easily recognize the seam of the former city wall, which was over three meters high and led from here around 2.7 kilometers around Rüthen and whose course you can still walk and enjoy today with its wonderful views.

On the east side of the Hachtor you can see a small wooden door, which probably used to provide access to the Hachtor via the city wall. On the west side of the gate, if you look closely, you can see outlines that may have been an entrance to the gate in the past.

We have equipped the Hachtor for you with modern LED lighting from the inside and outside, which is able to stylishly illuminate the contours of the walls in the evening and at night in subtle color-changing light.

The Hachtor is the last surviving of what used to be four town gates in Rüthen. The original four entrances to the old town of Rüthen all had strong gate towers and drawbridges. Maybe on your exploration of the alleys inside the city wall you will find out where the other three gates stood. Here a little hint: The names of the other three city gates were Österntor, Schneringertor and Burgtor...

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