Altitude approx. 430-520 m above sea level

Ortswappen Kallenhardt.jpg

Sights: Wasserschloß Körtlinghausen, cultural cave "Hohler Stein", catholic church in baroque style (1722), town hall (14th/15th century), Köhlerhütte.

Public and private facilities: Elementary school, kindergarten, gymnasium, sports field, camping site, shooting hall, ski slope with drag lift, toboggan run, cross-country ski trail, Warstein Bikepark.

Already the meaning of the name Kallenhardt (= kale hard = sparsely overgrown ridge) draws attention to the exposed topographical situation of the village. The original settlement Ostervelde, located to the north of it, is mentioned in documents as early as 1072. Like many towns in the Sauerland, Kallenhardt owes its founding and development to the favorable location on a hilltop for the territorial expansionist intentions of the rulers of the Electorate of Cologne, on which an archiepiscopal castle first stood in 1254. The town itself was founded in the 2nd half of the 13th century by relocating 30 farms from the main Ostervelde farm to the ridge, to which were added another 25 newly designated farmsteads in the now fortified town area. While the new settlement initially retained the old name of its origin, in the 16th century this changed increasingly into the name for the new location, Kallenhardt. The town lost its independence in 1808 and was now administratively classified as a rural municipality. When 80 houses were destroyed in a large town fire in 1791, resettlement also began outside the medieval wall ring (Heid).

In addition to the late Gothic town hall from the 15th century and parts of the old town wall, which are also reminded by the old town coat of arms (wall anchor), St. Clement's Church, built in 1722 in the Baroque style, stands out visibly from the ensemble of houses on the historically significant hilltop. Approximately 2 km to the northwest, in a hollow below Kallenhardt, is the baroque moated castle of Körtlinghausen, built in the middle of the 18th century.

More information at: http://www.kallenhardt.de