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The Altstadt of Rüthen is characterized by the historic town wall dating back to the 14th century. It served as protection in turbulent times of war and hardship, for example during the Soest feud and the Thirty Years' War.

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City wall Rüthen

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The original width of 1.20-1.40 m can still be seen in some sections. Along the remains of the fortification wall, which is about 3 km long, there is a comfortable and charming walking and hiking path, from which you can enjoy wonderful distant views.

The fortification of the 14th century connected by a city wall four city gates and eleven towers. The whole city wall was about 3000 meters long. The fortification was for the protection of the inhabitants e.g. in the Soest feud, in the Thirty Years War or in fights which the sovereigns fought against each other and to ward off robber barons. The walls were between 1.20 meters and 1.80 meters wide and around 3.00 meters to 3.50 meters high. The thickness of the wall tapered towards the top, where the battlements were protected by a wall crest, interrupted by observation and shooting gaps. In places where the town, with its location on a hillside, was not protected by steep slopes, but merged with the open land, there were additional double ditch sections.

The Hachtor and the semicircular Hexenturm as well as extensive remains of the town wall have been preserved from the town fortification. Today, the former city wall is a circular route around the historic city center.

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