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The "Rüthener Museumsstube" on Hachtorstraße in Rüthen was opened in May 2005 by the Heimatverein Rüthen e. V. in the renovated half-timbered annex of a former brewery. The gallery-like facility displays numerous different objects on thematic focuses of the history of the city and the Rüthen area on an exhibition area of about 100 square meters.

On October 13, 2019, the time had come: the local history museum in Hachtorstraße was officially named after our association founder and is now called the Eberhard Henneböle Museum.

Rüthener Museumsstube an der Hachtorstraße

Innenansicht Eberhard Henneböhle Museum

Eberhard Henneböle Museum


Eberhard Henneböhle Museum

Mildestraße 4

59602 Rüthen

Telefon: 02952 / 9022744




Half-timbered annex of a former brewery on Hachtorstraße, shows on approx. 100 sqm numerous different objects on thematic focuses of the history of the town and the Rüthen area. The Heimatverein Rüthen e. V. displays exhibits from the carpenters' and joiners' guilds, a collection of electrical appliances from the time when electricity came to Rüthen, rare minerals, fossils and archaeological finds. An education room has been set up, which includes a wooden church interior and paintings by Rüthen church painter Walter Klemme. Furthermore, there is a constantly changing exhibition of various topics in the entrance room.

Who was Eberhard Henneböle?

There is probably no other person who has been so involved with the history of Rüthen. In 1946, he founded the Rüthen local history society. Originally, this association was supposed to be called Heimatbund Rüthen. This means that not only Rüthen should belong to this association, but also the villages of the district of Rüthen. Unfortunately this did not work and also we tried this 50 years later without success.

Nevertheless: The homeland association Rüthen counts today more than 275 members and there also Eberhad Henneböhle would be proud that from its initiative a so strong association became. Henneböle has already collected old special exhibits before the 2nd World War in order to establish a museum later. Only in 2006 we could realize this plan. Unfortunately, a large part of the exhibits of this collection was lost.

Today we can find some of these exhibits in the entrance area of the museum, but we have also exhibited archaeological finds from Henneböle in showcases. We have also exhibited Henneböle's original writing and working materials. He also made a name for himself through his numerous contributions and publications on the history of Rüthen and shed light on the town of Rüthen in its history.

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