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Wheelchair accessible high ropes course Rüthen - Guaranteed not barrier-free!

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High Ropes Course Rüthen

Eulenspiegel 9

59602 Rüthen

Telefon: 02952-1239

Fax: 02952-889040




The wheelchair-accessible high ropes course of the German Scout Association of St. George, which was created in cooperation with the Seilschaft, can be found in Rüthen by people with and without disabilities. Built between poles, it allows people in wheelchairs to have new experiences in the third dimension at fourteen high stations.

The low ropes course elements include:

Team wall
Mohwak Walk
Giant seesaw

DPSG Diocesan Center Rüthen with the largest wheelchair accessible ropes course in Germany!

Our team leaders responsibly ensure safety and design the pedagogical process together with the responsible specialists. For this offer, a thorough clarification of the assignment, which also takes into account the cooperation of the various professionals, is very important to us.

Example of an inclusive high station - "Jacob's Tower

The Jakobsturm is a high ropes course station for four people. Similar to the classic station Jacob's Ladder (also called Heaven's Ladder), the main focus is on teamwork. Secured and with the help of ramps, ropes and boards, the group independently works its way over platforms at a height of six meters. Once at the top, the wheelchair users can, for example, abseil down our "long way" or try out other stations.

High elements in the high ropes course Rüthen

  • Teambeam
  • Catwalk
  • Climbing wall
  • Bar wall
  • Climbing net
  • Abseiling station
  • Sky ladder
  • Rope ferry
  • Rope dance

Wheelchair accessible elements in the high ropes course

  • The long way
  • The ride to nowhere
  • The slalom
  • Flying footbridge
  • Suspension bridge
  • Ropeway
  • Swing jump


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Wiebelsheidestr. 51
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Email: info@seilschaft.de

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