Hoher Stein

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The "Hoher Stein" is a limestone rock with a scree slope below. The slopes, so-called "Magertriften", are grazed by herds of goats passing through.

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Hoher Stein

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The limestone massif formed in the Palaeozoic era at the time of the Devonian Sea is the oldest rock in the area, at around 380 million years old, and lies at right angles to the main flow direction of the Lörmecke. The extensive limestone deposits once lay like a barrier across the "Ur-Lörmecke" and were eroded by the lime-dissolving waters of the stream until the fissure and cave system collapsed over
a long distance. The collapse valley in the area of the "Hoher Stein" is particularly impressive. Here, an approximately 30-meter-high, steeply rising rock face was exposed and a mighty debris pile of loose limestone was deposited.

On the calcareous grasslands, plant species such as the spring cinquefoil, the stately orchid and the white swallowwort, a typical rock scree and crevice inhabitant, can be found. The decorative larkbug occurs here, specializing
in swallowwort as a food source. In spring you can experience the impressive singing flight of the tree pipit here, and in summer the slopes are the habitat of numerous insects.

At the Hoher Stein, a particularly beautiful section of this historically grown cultural landscape has also been preserved. A characteristic feature of the old Hutel landscape and also of high landscape aesthetic appeal are the stately copper beeches on the scree slopes and rock crowns. These are so-called grazing beeches: Browsing by cattle leads to the development of a special growth form.

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