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The massive tower-like mill stump at the northwestern end of the village documents to this day a medieval charter (windmill charter), which once belonged as a fief of the Electors of Cologne to the Free County and the noble House of Eden (Oestereiden) and represented a sustainable source of income, since all farmers in the area were forced to have their grain ground there (so-called mill ban).

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Windmill stump Oestereiden

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It is therefore not surprising that when the Free County was divided in 1567 between the Counts of Rietberg and the Noble Lords of Büren, a dispute arose over these very mill rights.

The present windmill was rebuilt by the Counts of Rietberg after the reunification of the two mill shares at the beginning of the 17th century, sold into private hands after 1810 (Ringe estate near Oestereiden) and acquired in 1868 by the long-time local mill tenant who, out of pride of ownership, had the founder's coat of arms of the House of Rietberg removed. The mill operation was stopped in the context of the electrification at the end of the 20s of the 20th century.

Visits by appointment with the owner Wolfgang Hassel jun.

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