Forest experience with the ranger

The city of Rüthen, in cooperation with the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park, offers nature-interested groups, school classes, kindergartens, etc. the opportunity to perceive the forest habitat with different eyes and from different perspectives.

Complex, ecological relationships are explained to the visitor in an understandable and imaginative way.

The forest adventure trail in the Bibertal with its imposing forest ship of the city of Rüthen, which was created in 2008 and is part of the premium hiking trail Sauerland-Waldroute, allows the areas of forest, water and soil to be practically experienced and learned.

The starting point of the 2.3 km long barrier-free circular trail is the forest ship at the parking lot in the nationally known recreation area Bibertal.

Of course, there is a unisex toilet as well as a handicapped accessible toilet (can be opened at any time with the Euro key).

Have fun exploring!

Oh yes- of course the "Beaver Trail" can be discovered free of charge.

Guided tours can be booked under:

Klaus-Dieter Hötte

Ranger of the Sauerland-Waldroute

Nature park ambassador

Tel. 02952 / 818 172

Fax: 02952 7 818 170