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The chapel parish of Nettelstädt belonged to the parish of Altenrüthen for many centuries; only in 1899 was it assigned to the parish of Hoinkhausen. At that time the village was already about 800 years old: in 1072 the archbishop of Cologne donated the tithes of Nescellesteen to the newly founded Grafschaft monastery.

In 1312 Lubertus de Netelstede was a councillor in Rüthen, whose heraldic symbols were adopted into the town's coat of arms about 2 decades ago. This noble family and their heirs or legal successors owned the main farm of the village located southeast of the chapel, last until 1912 the Counts of Bocholtz-Alme.

The residential house there was built in 1658 by the electoral judge Dr. Wilhelm Steinfurth, who also donated the oldest chapel in Nettelstädt in 1664, which was demolished in 1822.

It was not until 1929 that the foundation stone was laid for a new church here, which, like its predecessor, has St. John the Baptist as its chapel patron.

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