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The building used today by the Volksbank Rüthen on the southern Hachtorstraße was home to a nunnery until it was dissolved in 1772. Augustinian nuns had been working here since 1482, earning their living by working with textiles and educating girls.

In 1739 the old convent buildings burned down and were abandoned by the order. It was followed in 1749 by Ursulines, who built the convent building, which is still preserved today, in a simple baroque style.


Former Ursuline Monastery

Hachtorstrasse 38

59602 Rüthen



The Augustinian convent of St. Margaretha in Rüthen was founded around 1480 and existed until 1734, when Ursulines settled there from 1749 to 1772. In the village, the building is therefore called the Ursuline convent today.

In addition to prayer, the Augustinian nun s engaged in textile production and devoted themselves to the education of girls in Rüthen. In 1733 a merger with the Odacker con vent was planned but not carried out. After a fire some time years later the settlement was abandoned. In 1749 Ursulines, originally from Dorsten, settled on the site. They also had the baroque building, which still exists today, erected. However, the community could not survive and the sisters returned to Dorsten as early as 1772.


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