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Legend station at the "Hohlen Stein" in the nature reserve Lörmecktetal in Rüthen-Kallenhardt. One of 12 legend stations on the 240 km long magical mystical Sauerland-Waldroute.



Sometimes creepy, sometimes humorous, but always exciting are the old legends from the Sauerland.

That such an imposing and conspicuous phenomenon as the "Hohle Stein"
should attract legendary interpretations seems purely inevitable.

It is all the more astonishing that only a few tales
are known about it and the entire cave-rich
valley section of the Lörmecke southwest of Kallenhardt.

Discover the legendary and mystical "Hohlen Stein" in Kallenhardt with all its small and big secrets!

For even more information, an audio guide is available at the information board at the "Hohler Stein" parking lot.

Via a QR code there, you can dive even deeper into this mysterious place!



Have fun exploring and discovering Ranger Klaus!


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