Sauerland-Waldroute by bus and train: From Warstein to Rüthen (Westfalenbus)

Rüthen Tourismus / Outdooractive Touren / Sauerland-Waldroute by bus and train: From Warstein to Rüthen (Westfalenbus)
Nature and industry on one path - history brought to life

Ranger im Hohlen Stein Kallenhardt

Hohler Stein

Pfad durch die Wälder

schmaler Pfad am Hohen Stein

Tour starting point:

Rüthen center

Tour destination point:

Warstein market


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16.9 km


4:43 Std.

Elevation ascent

312 m

Elevation descent

387 m

Altitude (Minimum)

290 m

Altitude (Maximum)

438 m





Recommended seasons


Natural and industrial history and all kinds of legends and myths from the Arnsberg Forest await you on this tour. In Rüthen, you first follow the access route towards the Waldroute through the Möhnetal valley to Bibertal.

Here you pass the gateway to the Waldroute. A detour into the valley offers the opportunity to visit the "Waldschiff" environmental education station or the forest adventure beaver trail. The route continues through the middle of the Arnsberg Forest to Kallenhardt, where the Romantikhotel Knippschild is a great place for a short break.

From the village, the trail leads across wide open spaces, which in many places still show signs of lime mining, to Hoher Stein. An access path now takes you towards your destination, past Suttrop. Traces of Suttrop's lime history can also be found here, such as the Kalköfen or the diamond path.

The route now leads past Suttrop in the direction of Warstein Markt with some nice places to stop for refreshments.

Historic artisan village

Alte Seilerei mit Grünsandstein

The craftsmen's village at the Hexenturm in Rüthen was founded in 2007 by the Rüthener Förderverein Heimatpflege u.

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Biberbad Rüthen

Strandlandschaft mit Palmen und Strandkörben von d

You can't imagine a more beautiful place for an outdoor pool than the Bibertal for the Biberbad in Rüthen.

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Forest ship in the beaver valley

Waldimpressionen Abendstimmung

Forest ship of the Sauerland-Waldroute. Experience point and ranger station.

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Sauerland noble distillery

Innenraum mit den "Machern&am

Since 2000, the finest brandies, spirits and liqueurs have been produced by the Sauerland Distillery in the village of Kallenhardt.

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Hoher Stein

Hoher Stein im NSG Lörmecketal

The "Hoher Stein" is a limestone rock with a scree slope below.

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Geopark Suttrop


Auf einer Anhöhe bei Suttrop öffnet sich die Landschaft in eine überraschende Weite und gibt den Blick über tausend Hügel frei.

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Rüthen - Bibertal - Kallenhardt - Suttrop - Warstein

Safty guidelines

Information about the rescue signs on the Sauerland-WaldrouteMost hiking trails run away from towns and settlements and every hiker has thought about what would happen if an emergency were to occur. How can I be found here? Where am I anyway? Can the emergency services reach me?In an emergency, things have to happen quickly! That's why the Sauerland-Waldroute is equipped with so-called rescue signs throughout. The green and white stickers attached to the posts of the signposts have a number that you must give when making an emergency call. This means that the emergency services know exactly where you are and valuable time can be saved.

Public transiot

Starting point Rüthen: The R77 line from Warstein runs daily at frequent intervals.Destination Warstein: From Warstein Markt, Meschede station is easily accessible on the R76 bus route.

Getting there

You can reach Warstein via the A46. After the Meschede exit, follow the B55 to Warstein. From here you can also reach the surrounding villages.


Parking in Warstein is possible in various parking lots, some of which are subject to a charge.There are several parking spaces available in Rüthen town center, some of which may be subject to a charge.