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History told in an exciting way - these are the audio stories at 8 well-known sights in Rüthen and Kallenhardt.

Through QR codes, visitors can experience the history of the city and its sights via smart phone or tablet in the future.

At the sights in Rüthen: Hexenturm / Hachtor / Jewish Cemetery / Haus Buuck / Water Tower and Historic Town Hall history becomes audible.

In Kallenhardt these are the baroque castle Körtlinghausen and the legendary culture cave "Hohler Stein" in the nature reserve Lörmecketal.

One of the most famous dubbing actors in Germany-Christian Schult (German voice of Robert Redford) tells the exciting story of the eventful history of our town with appropriate music and sounds.

The offer is aimed at all visitors, tourists, people with disabilities and of course the schools to make history with new media even more interesting and informative.

The audio files are embedded in the information about the individual sights as MP3 files and can be accessed via QR code scanner.

The Hachtor
The water tower
House Buuck
Historic city hall
Jewish cemetery
The "Hollow Stone
Wasserschloss Körtlinghausen